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It's Getting Easier

I told her I had stored them away in a little a little corner of my soul & moved on. Thats only partially true. Yes, they are part of my soul, always with me, but the space they hold is so much more than a little corner. Everyday I visit them, touch them in some way. Sweet memories that so many, many things in my life bring up. Each time I have to work to push down the pain of loss and each time it gets easier.


Hey, welcome back :)

Thank you my friend...

It's been so long I figured no one would remember me... thanks for proving me wrong! :) Hope you have been well?
I remember you. :)
Draco! :D Hi buddy!!
I don't post much, but I'm still around! I mostly just read my friends list and blog over on blogger. Good to see you again!


So glad to see you here!! If only part time :)