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Blue Mind

Two Months on Raw...

Expected/Hoped For

  • Migraines. My main goal. Desperation driven. Hoped to lesson them at least. Haven't had one since I started. Unless you have (or are close to someone who has) frequent migraines you probably have no idea how absolutely awesome this is. It's liberation... it's my life back. It's job security. It's pre-buying event tickets without fear. It's FUCKING AWESOME!!!

  • Weight Loss. Whatever I'll take it. Down 2 sizes at least (I don't actually weigh myself) but the measure tape and I have an agreement. Old favorites are being pulled from the back of the closet and some are already too big.


  • Energy Level is thru the roof. Like that silly happy teenager energy I remember from high school.

  • My Skin has become so soft and smooth. WTF is that about? My first boyfriend had the most amazingly soft skin which I attributed to his fairness (blonde and blue eyed) now I'm thinking it may have been how healthy he was. My skin feels like his did. :)

  • Clarity of Mind... I can think and write again.

  • Periods Without PMS symptoms. Seriously! No pre-period migraine, water gain or sadness. One minute I'm going along like normal and the next I've started, no big deal.

  • Ease of Food Preparation. I've always hated everything about cooking. Food purchase and ingredient preparation. Actual cooking, heating up the house and the need to hover around while something was on the stove. The screwed up meal disappointments. And of course the after clean up. Now I peel a banana and eat it or throw some stuff in a blender and drink it. That's it! Rinse the blender, glass, and move on.

So What the Hell Are You Eating?

I went in raw vegan overnight, it was easier for me than tapering down. I've never been good at that sort of thing. I do have cravings, food smells often make my mouth water. I deal with them by denying them out right. It may sound hard core but for some reason it works better for me.

Since I started I've had 4 meals that weren't raw and I enjoyed them with no guilt and much enthusiasm. I had french toast one lovely Sunday morning at Cafe Bernardo's. A hotdog with gobs of mustard and relish on the 4th of July. An amazing vegetarian hamburger and sweet potato fries at Andy Nguyen's And a sad overcooked bland hamburger and fries at an ice cream parlor with a girlfriend in need of a shoulder, the fries were really good.

  • Breakfast. Water, always water first thing when I get up, while I'm getting ready for work or just waking up I drink a large britta filtered glass of cool water. Then when I get to work I have an organic banana, some raw organic sunflower or pumpkin seeds and a half cup of coffee. Yes, I'm still drinking coffee GASP! Get over it. The seeds I pre-soak and then dry to release the locked up enzymes. More water.

  • Lunch. Usually a salad with no dressing but all sorts of fun stuff like candied walnuts, dried cranberries, avocado, crumbled blue cheese, sliced apples. I eat outside where I can get some shade and people watch. Our office is heavily air conditioned and I need to thaw out usually. More water.

  • Dinner. Mad scientist blender drinks. Basics ingredients are always frozen raw organic spinach or raw organic fresh kale, raw organic frozen fruit (blueberries, bananas, peaches) raw protein powder and cold filtered water. Additions based purely on mood may include one or more of the following raw organic 1/2 knife peeled lemon, raw honey, ground raw organic cacao nibs, raw organic hulled hemp seeds, etc.

  • Snacks. Organic half avocado with salt, organic apples or carrots with raw cashew "cheese" and of course... more water.

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Hey! You are back!
I was just browsing through my more or less dead (only couple of communities) friends list and noticed your posts :)

That raw-food thing sounds cool.

Where's your Wordpress blog?
Hi!! I thought everyone was gone too, so glad to see you! :D I can't stand fakebook anymore! I miss writing to intelligent people or even just writing period. Something about FB discourages writing.

My wordpress is pretty sparse but its here...

Good job hanging on, you are tougher than most. Hopefully it will get better again. I read something the other day that LiveJournal is supposed to be making a comeback, I'll find the article and post it.