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Come Home People!!

The Return of LiveJournal as promised to mos_nhymp :)


Thanks for posting the link :) I think I mostly agree with the comments under that story, though. Unfortunately return to the old times sounds very unlikely. Unless they just give lj back to the guy who started it all or some small group of non or semi-profit individuals.

Reminds me of a mmorpg I played once. It had great community vibe and it was really nice to hang out in there until the company ended beta phase and the place went pay to play. Somehow this move broke it all - the community was broken when part of the users left and it just lost it's appeal, although it was free until mid-levels. Then they changed drop-exp, etc ratios and tried some other changes to get people back, but it never worked. The place of course kept running, so they might have even profited, but the initial community and balance of the game died for good.

The changes in lj might attract more people and new user base, but i doubt it will ever be the same :(
Thanks for the article.
I just typed a comment on how I don't believe there'll ever be a return to the old lj community-vibe at lj, unless the ownership changes again and they give it back to a small group of dedicated people NOT looking for big progit. But then I accidentally navigated away from this page and lost the whole thing.

Anyway. You have resparked my enthusiasm and nostalgy. So I went ahead and made myself a Dreamwidth account. I read their policy and about them and it sounded good. Have you looked in to them?
Got both comments, glad we didn't lose your 1st, hate it when that happens to me. I can never remember what I said the first time.

I agree, I don't think it will ever be the same. It's like there was a special sorta magic combination of people/mindset/format, lose any of those and the whole thing goes. I've played world or warcraft for years and my guild has slowly died off over time. I miss the people, they made the game for me, it's never been the same without them.

I haven't checked out Dreamwidth yet but I will.

Are you finding the comments on my current page style weird? The headers on the comment window are overlapping each other for me.
Nope, comments seem fine to me, atm. But the time I thought I had lost my original comment it didn't show despite several refreshes...