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Blue Mind

Simple Sunday

Jackie Greene at Fairytale Town last night for at least the 3rd year in a row, possibly the 4th though I cant find the ticket and dont remember. Gorgeous show as usual thought the sound was off and became painful when he got loud. Or... I'm getting old :D Best friend Michelle went with me this year even though it's really not her kind of music. I'd bought the tickets before break up, she came along for my sake.

Rode my bike to the co-op this morning at 7am. There and back, 4 miles, in an hour, including shopping time. No bad, specially considering how lethargic I am on the bike early in the morning and the trip back with heavy ass back pack. Co-op was nice and quiet too, usually the place is so crowded you cant use a regular cart.

Bunch of stuff on the to do list for today. Hang mirror in bedroom, spot clean carpet, mop kitchen, change toilet seat... Kevin will be here in CA next Sunday!! :D YAY!!
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